Welcome to the Fusionista Group

Our Restaurant

Our concept is an approach to dining that caters to the fusion idea that you can customise and alter any dish to your own tastes.  
This is a unique and fun dining experience in which you are the fusionist - able to select the ingredients that suit your palate and create your own signature dishes.
We welcome all requests and know that you understand that these may take more care to make so we ask that you please be patient with our chefs as unusual requests may take a few minutes more to prepare.
Our menu is a combination of Eastern Cuisine from various countries including Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines.
 We serve you the flavours of the East with a slight fusion twist. Perfectly blended flavours and natural ingredients combine with subtlety creating dishes with unique taste sensations that linger on the palette.


We bring a healthier option in the way that we prepare our dishes. Although many of the dishes can be made in the conventional way if requested.
We do not use refined sugar, MSG (mono-sodium glutamate) or refined salt in our dishes. 
Where possible we use the most natural flavourings.
We use only fresh ingredients and due to this preparation may take slightly longer.


For the Gluten intolerant we provide cauliflower rice, pumpkin mash or parsnip mash as a Gluten free option.


Almost all of our dishes can be made strictly vegetarian. Please indicate if you are not able to eat fish sauce. For battered dishes we substitute for for buckwheat flour or rice flour. For Tempura or deep fried dishes we use traditional Tempura Flour.

Table Accompaniments

Complimentary sauces and condiments are available for your meals.
Roasted chili flakes, Palm Sugar, raw ground nuts, roasted coconut flakes, soy sauce, soy and chili, chili and fish sauce, vinegar and chili, natural Himalayan Salt and ground black pepper.
Whilst you wait for your meal spoil yourself with a little treat - order a head, neck and back massage at your table, subject to availability of our masseuses. Simply ask our staff about your free table massage. Please feel free to tip the masseuse.